Module Slots on a Ship

Module Slots on a Ship


Slot machines have many varieties and game manufacturers constantly create new versions. These variations usually revolve around a specific theme. For example, there are slots themed after television shows or sports. There are also slot games that take inspiration from poker and craps. Horse racing is another popular theme for slots. These games offer an excellent opportunity to win big.

High slot

The term “High slot” refers to the module slots on a ship, and most commonly, they are reserved for weapon systems. However, there are also other types of modules that can be installed in these slots. Some of these include mining lasers, drone upgrades, and more. However, there are many differences between these types of modules and their usage.

The high slot is a very important area to score in. It lies between the face-off circles and is accessible by players on both teams. Many teams will ice or move pucks in this zone. As a result, it is important to keep track of this area because a team’s players need to make contact with the puck to score.

Low slot

The Low slot of a game is reserved for symbols of low value. Typically, these symbols are playing card icons ranging from Ace to 10 in value. However, some developers choose to use icons that are in line with the theme of the game. For example, a Damage Control module gives a low-value boost to shield resistance.

The low slot is one of the best places to take a shot because of the clear view of the goal. It also has the highest chance of scoring without deflections. However, defenders will establish the low slot as a no-man’s land. There are a few advantages to shooting in the low slot, including the opportunity to score from the wrist.

Mid slot

The mid slot is a category of module slot in a ship. It contains modules that can be used to modify a ship’s behavior. Shield tanking and capacitor energy modules are common mid slot modules. They help the ship’s power systems and shields work better. They can also extend or recharge a capacitor.

High slot modules are typically designed for high sec exploration. Some of them can be fitted to ice harvesters, strip miners, and cloaking devices. High slot modules are also used for non-turret/launcher weapons.

Middle slot

Middle slot was the collective name for uploads of the Game Grumps channel. These shows featured different combinations of Game Grumps every two hours. The first Middle Slot show featured Danny and Ross and later was joined by Arin. These shows have since been discontinued. However, the show’s fans can still enjoy them. The following are some of the shows that were uploaded in the Middle Slot.

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