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Updates from around the state - June 13

Four districts are finished! The two Arlington State Rep districts, 23d and 24th Middlesex (one of which also includes Belmont) are completely ready to file. The Senate districts in Newton/Brookline and Roslindale/West Roxbury/Dedham are essentially done and awaiting city/town certification. In those places we no longer need more signatures.

Congratulations to the Arlington 25% Campaign, Arlington UJP, Occupy Arlington, and their supporters (coordinated by Barbara Boltz); Mass Occupy/Brookline (coordinated by Frank Farlow and David Klafter); Newton Dialogues on Peace & War (coordinated by Ann Glick with star signature-collector Eileen Kurkoski), and Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants (coordinated by Michael Kane with star collectors Molly Hannon and Elaine Ruff)! These groups have shown us how to get it done -- let's follow suit!

We have three weeks to go to finish the rest of our districts. Here are reports from around the state.

Maryellen Kurkulos, Fall River

6/6: While there are three districts in Fall River, one (the 8th) which spills out to encompass all of Westport, we are concentrating on D7 and possibly D6. I have an interested Westport resident but I'm hoping to recruit her to work with us in D7. We start at Price Rite tomorrow, are attending 2 farmers markets this week as well as going door to door in some low income neighborhoods. Aiming for 100 signatures.

Sunny Robinson, Gloucester

6/7: We are coming along just fine here on Cape Ann. Getting signatures without too much difficulty. Will try to get a partial count for a Sat. update. Here in Gloucester we have turned in some sigs for verification and can get them back this afternoon, so we have a sense of how we are doing. Will get Rockport update tomorrow evening, thus a Sat. update.

I am sure others will have the same response as I to the comments of the concern from Marblehead etc. re the last item in the petition being a concern for the ballot. That item being the heart of the matter, this feedback I believe speaks to the need to be writing a really clear piece for the voter info booklet and developing materials that we all can use in our regions for a positive get out the vote campaign.

Martina Cruz, Lawrence

6/7: We expected to get up to 150 but the rain didn't let us. We have about 30 signatures now. We have people committed to this weekend.

4th Berkshire

Pat Salomon, Monterey: Met with Scott Laugenour this week and today we began to get signatures. I estimate we have 45-50 already. Process made more complex by having to keep sheets for each town, wherever we are. Are you able to send me more blank copies, so several people can go out with a large set of sheets? I think I can get three volunteers to handle 5-6 sheets, so we can get this done quickly.

Scott Laugenour, Lenox: I have 18 signatures for ‘Budget For All’ on my clipboard. A few of these Pat collected for the town of Lee before giving me the sheet. The farmers market was a great venue yesterday. The bank fair in Pittsfield less so because most people were not from the 4th Berkshire District.

My campaign is organizing a door-to-door canvassing outing in Great Barrington & Egremont on Wednesday late afternoon/evening. I think we have about 4 or 5 volunteers going out with me hitting different streets. We’ll give each of them a ‘Budget For All’ petition sheet.

The primary thrust of my voter outreach is introducing my candidacy to voters, but I’ve found that when voters respond favorably to my candidacy (fair budgets and progressive taxation is one of my major planks), getting a signature on the petition is often a natural next step that voters eagerly take.

Cambridge (DiDomenico district)

Cole Harrison: 5 volunteers covered the Cambridge library on 6/9 from 11 to 5. Common Cause was also there with the election funding referendum; we referred signers to each other, however, the commotion was a bit much for some library-goers.

Jerry Wang: Cambridge library, 6/9: I thought it went pretty well. I got around 60 signatures, about 50 were from Cambridge. Christie and Susan were doing pretty good too. Christie also plans to get additional signatures from her building this week. Susan mentioned that she was interested in volunteering.

Vicky Steinitz: Cambridge UJP covered the Dance for World Community event on 6/9. People are there from all over the area so we got a smattering of people from tons of places. And then when we ran out of forms, we made some mistakes and used rep forms for senators. Paula has all the sheets and is dropping them off at Paul's house. They include 25 or so DiDomenico signatures from the library and another 30 for Jehlen from the Union Sq. outdoor market in addition to yesterday's catch.

Barbara Boltz, Arlington

6/11: We collected signatures Sat. night at Sean Garballey's (state rep. from the 23td Middlesex) campaign kick-off party. This morning I turned in to Arl. Town Clerk's office approx. 50 signatures from the 23rd, which should put us over the top! Also turned in 24 for the 24th Middlesex. Just got back from Belmont -- 161 certified! Add to the 45 from Arl. & the 24th Middlesex is completed!! Should hear from Arl. re: the 23rd tomorrow & then I'll get them all in, probably Thurs. morning.

Martha Yager - Worcester and Southeast

Two of us worked the Worcester Street Art Festival yesterday for 3.5 hours. Got 75 signatures but spread over 5 districts. There is one (Dist. 13) with way more than others and we will focus on that one for the remaining three weeks. I knew there was no way to get 1200 signatures there, so have to do districts, but that is a HUGE pain. No one knows their district. Unless you have a device with you that can quickly look that up, you play a guessing game. The maps I had available on short notice were next to useless as not detailed enough.

The Green Party had agreed to do Worcester 1st District but are finding it hard going.

I have a captain for Worcester 5th District. He is just starting.

I have a captain for 8th Plymouth (Bridgewater) and one for 4th Bristol. Both are just starting. I have a couple of potential volunteers in 2nd Bristol (Attleboro) but none want to be captains and each can only make a small time commitment. Any helpers out there?

Folks on the Cape have been consumed with dealing with the Plymouth nuclear reactor relicensing and are working on Move to Amend petitions. Some may join us, but we will have to focus on one or two districts at most.

Local schools are getting out. I wonder if any youth would like to help?

Bette Keva (Marblehead/Swampscott)

6/11: I have 114 uncertified from the 8th Essex District.
6/12: Got more now!

Somerville (Jehlen district)

Paul Shannon: I collected about 25 signatures for Jehlen and 10 or 15 for others at davis square farmers market in about 2+hours last Wednesday.

Ann Glick (Newton)

Newton is totally done -- I think most of the people want to do Waltham as our next target. We will try
this Wed. afternoon and on Sat. and see how it goes. Ann

Carolyn Federoff (Melrose)

My weekend was a washout. But I did catch up with my town registrar today--and I'm calling the Secy of State's office tomorrow, as I think my registrar is confused.

Catherine Clark is permitting me to have petitions at a campaign fundraiser she's having at Memorial Hall in Melrose on Wednesday. I and a volunteer are attending. I'm hitting the Melrose Farmer's Market on Thursday. And since I don't know exactly how many signatures I need, I'll hit the farm stand next to the Melrose Y on Saturday morning.

Rachel Tedesco (SE Mass)

8th Plymouth – Bridgewater/Raynham. I decided to continue with this district since I have a good chance of making the target of 200 valid signatures. Submitted total of 120 signatures to the Bridgewater Town Clerk. Have 24 in hand from Raynham. Possibility of access to people at the UCC church in Raynham Center through knowing parish minister. Possibility of 2 volunteers... in one each town.

11th Bristol District – New Bedford. No action in the district this week. The volunteer who said she’d collect signatures on Sunday at a North End street fair had a conflicting work deadline on 6/11. She plans to begin collections with her volunteers later this week at neighborhood commercial sites along Ashley Blvd. I may be able to do some sig collection at Dottin Place (public housing) with voting list in hand. Also pursuing Brooklawn and North End neighborhood centers and Brooklawn Senior Center in the district as possible collection places.

5th Bristol – Taunton’s Ward 6 plus three towns. No signatures yet. Setting up meeting next week with tenants at Robertson on the River apartments, a property of the Neighborhood Corp. I may be able to collect on Friday evening at New Weir Pizza with volunteer John Colbert of East Taunton.

Kathleen Burke (Salem)

She has more than 200 signatures for the Salem Rep district that she’s turning in this week.

Michael Kane (Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants)

We’ve started in Brownsberger’s Senate District in Boston. Turned in 100 yesterday. Have lined up some volunteers for a senior center Thursday.
How many for Brownsberger were gathered in Watertown?

The Brookline folks mentioned they could help in Allston Brighton in Brownsberger’s district once they were done in Brookline. Perhaps they could help with this one?

We turned in 150 for DiDomenico in Bostonyesterday, from the West End and Charlestown. We also turned in another 53 for chang Diaz, and will turn in more than 100 more tomorrow for this district, which will put it over the 600 certified mark. I’ll know the number certified in all these districts by tomorrow pm

Tony Palomba, Watertown

6/5: Not a lot to report this weekend. I would say we have about 75 signatures for 29th, very few for the 10th and about 50 for the 2nd Suffolk/Middlesex.
Will be going out the next two Saturdays and at a church on this coming Sunday.