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Community updates

Dear all, here are updates from local organizers across the state. Send yours to and I'll include in the next update!

Michael Kane - Rush senate district (West Roxbury, Roslindale...)

Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants (Molly Hannon and Elaine Marin’s team) have been collecting at at Roche Brothers and going door to door at Georgetowne Homes. 475 certified by City of Boston. 360 more were turned in this morning to Boston; they should be certified by Thursday, figure 80% rate. We have another 60 from surrounding towns that will be submitted to those towns tomorrow morning, and another 40 from Boston we may be able to turn in. We are on target to reach 1,200 certifiable signatures by this weekend.

Michael Kane - Chang-Diaz senate district (Jamaica Plain, Roxbury...)

260 certified by City of Boston, another 40 turned in. We plan to get 150+ more from High Point Village next week, before June 1. We also have several tenant groups located in this District that will be able to circulate petitions within their buildings; figure 100-200 more from this once we get this going.

Tony Palomba - Watertown

We are doing 2 House districts and working on Brownsberger Senate district at the same time.

Michael Kane - Brownsberger Senate district (Fenway, Allston-Brighton, Watertown, Belmont)

After June 1, $$ resources permitting, we plan to send our doorknocking team into Brighton to collect signatures for a separate nonbinding question re: affordable housing preservation, in Kevin Honan’s District, with the Warren Hall Tenants Association. We also plan to collect for the Budget4All campaign, at the same time. We’d prefer to do this at the Senate District level. Our team is able to collect 80/day at good locations (like Roche Brothers). We can also collect 50-100 at Tent City (Brownsberger’s District, precinct 2 of Ward 4). Reaching out for more support in Fenway and Allston-Brighton

Philip Czachorowski - Walpole

· Gathered about 50 signatures at Walpole Day last Saturday (3 people) for Rogers’ district
· We will be concentrating on Roger’s district the next two weekends. Are organizing for Saturday, May 26 in Norwood, and election day in Walpole, June 2 and expect to have 250+ signatures total at that point. Most signatures gathered on election day get certified because we are at the polling place for three precincts.
· We are planning on gathering signatures for Kafka’s district next.
· We are scheduling a public showing of the Budget for All Referendum Campaign presentation at the Library, tentatively scheduled for June 19

Carolyn Federoff - Melrose (32d Middlesex)

132 collected, none validated; bringing to town hall May 21
ups and downs. The obvious supporters are wary of petition drives, having been burned by paid signature gatherers in the past. Many people want to study the actual language before signing. So it's taking more time than hoped. But if they take the time, they're very supportive.

Barbara Boltz - Arlington/Belmont (24th Middlesex)

Barbara, Thea, Dennis Brown and Noble collected 187 signatures in Belmont on Saturday.
I turned 162 signatures in to Belmont Town Clerk this morning (all collected at Belmont Town Day). I have on hand another 50-60 for the 24th & some people are still collecting. I plan on turning those in next Tues. & hope that will do it for the 24th.

In the 23rd, I have sheets w/76 signatures, but a lot of folks have petitions & are collecting. I'm a bit concerned; trying to find places to go where there will be groups of people. Will go to Arlington Farmers' Market on opening day -- trying to find out when that is (either 5/30 or 6/6).

Paul Shannon - Cambridge (DiDomenico senate district)

I got about 50 signatures in front of the Cambridge public library including 25 or 30 for dedomenico and about 9 or 10 each for petrucelli and jehlen (including Somerville).
Excellent location on a nice sunny day. Much better than central square. never got to trader joe’s as I wanted to get as much mileage as I could out of this loation for a little over 2 hours of petitioning.

Ben Gworek - Somerville (Jehlen senate district)

Three volunteers spent approximately two hours each collecting signatures around Davis Square on Saturday morning. A second group of three additional volunteers spent about two hours collecting signatures at “Porchfest” in the afternoon. The total number of signatures collected for the day was 80, although these have not yet been validated at city hall.

Davis Square was slow, with lots of folks from out of the district. We also found that stopping folks who are walking on the street is not very effective, and had much better luck at Porchfest where folks were relaxed
and hanging around in one place to listen to the music. One elderly couple who lives in Clarendon Hills Towers suggested that we contact that development to see about giving a presentation and collecting signatures in their community room.

We need more volunteers in order to make our goal of 1200 signatures in Senator Jehlen’s district. I will be creating a calendar of events in Jehlen’s district and try to target signature collection efforts around those events.

Jeff Napolitano - Amherst/Northampton

We’re just starting out here – we’re targeting most of Hampshire county, and Arise is targeting districts in Springfield (I don’t know which, yet). We’re somewhat confident about all 3 Hampshire districts – Amherst is basically already done, as I understand it. I will send more info when I get it –
I’m passing out a ton of forms tonight at Amherst Town Meeting

Ann Glick - Newton (Creem senate district)

Newton turned in 157 of those, 143 were certified. We turned in another 247 today. We will see how many get certified.

We did go out over the weekend and some people did some during the week. We are doing OK but can still need more people to get involved. I need to know how Brookline is doing so we know how much we have to do as well.

Michael Kane - DiDomenico Senate district

MAHT Board volunteer Eric Colin Smith committed to 50-100 from his building, Amy Lowell House Charlestown. NAHT Board member Donna Wood has volunteered to collect at Johny’s Foodmaster.

Petrucelli Senate District (North End, Cambridgeport)

Michael Kane - Ellie McCarthy will circulate at elderly buildings in the North End. Cole - Audley Green circulating at her large apartment building on waterfront.

Rachel Tedesco - 8th Plymouth (Bridgewater/Raynham) & 11th Bristol (New Bedford)

SE Mass Kickoff meeting scheduled, May 27, Dartmouth.

I decided to create a locally targeted campaign flyer. It’s just 1/2 page and it’s a lot simpler and less cluttered than the one the Boston area organizers designed.

I made my first signature-gathering “foray” into New Bedford yesterday at the Taber Mill apartments yesterday and got a few signatures. I’m still working on my volunteer list for the area.

Labor Outreach - New Bedford

Carolyn Federoff gave a presentation at a New Bedford regional labor meeting on May 21, and Rachel Tedesco also attended. Multiple people signed up to get involved.

Maryellen Kurkulos - Fall River

Fall River has three districts and there are (yet) only three of us working on this, and our schedules for the most part do not overlap. Given the shortage of petitioners, I am torn between targeting higher traffic areas with lots of people who could be in any district vs. lower traffic areas where I'm more likely to hit D7 constituents. I think that aiming for 3 or 4 hundred signatures until the end of June is doable with the people we've got now, but they'll be diluted, i.e. likely will not represent just one district. I need help figuring out my strategy. I've been reaching out to housing complexes in District 7 (Kevin Aguiar's district) given I've worked the area in the past and I feel it holds the best chance for targeting residents of that district. I plan to line up short meetings to present our case to the elderly residents. I also am reaching out to the neighborhood associations within or overlapping D7 and have thus far tried a popular discount grocery store - Price Rite. Unfortunately, they inform me that corporate policy does not allow solicitations of any kind. I am weighing whether it's worth pushing them and telling them we have a constitutional right to gather signatures. have some meetings lined up with housing authority folks and Citizens For Citizens.

Sofia Wolman - Natick

I just went out today for the first time. Stood in Stop and Shop parking lot, got three signatures :/
I'm going out for another half hour before I have to go babysit. Will go door-to-door tomorrow.