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8.4 Million Good Paying Jobs! The People’s Budget: A Raise For America!

Watch Raul Grijalva and Keith Ellison unveil People’s Budget: A Raise For America.

What the People’s Budget would provide for working Americans:

  • 8.4 million good paying jobs by 2018
  • $1.9 trillion investment in America’s future
  • $820 billion towards America's crumbling infrastructure including transportation
  • strengthen middle and working classes
  • preserve and protect the social safety net
  • close corporate tax loopholes and have the very wealthy pay their fair share
  • combat community-devastating and job-killing climate change with a carbon tax and transportation improvements
  • cut waste from the base military budget and axe the Pentagon’s “Overseas Contingency Operations” slush fund
  • and more!
    Shockingly, only three of our nine Massachusetts representatives - all Democrats - have supported this budget in the past. Let’s increase support for the People's Budget here in Massachusetts! Contact your Representative TODAY and ask him or her to vote for the People’s Budget!!!

    Read the analysis from the Economic Policy Institute here.
    Read the executive summary here.
    Read comments from Budget for All organizers below.

    On Tuesday, the new Republican majority in Congress introduced a budget proposal that would gut Medicare, defund the Affordable Care Act, and make across the board cuts to domestic programs such as food stamps, housing, education, and the environment. They've done this before -- but since they now control both Houses of Congress, it might really pass. Their budget would also increase the Pentagon’s slush fund which pays for the Afghanistan war and the war on ISIS.
    But the Congressional Progressive Caucus has an alternative. They call it the People’s Budget: A Raise For America, and it is the polar opposite of the Republicans' budget proposal.

    Congress will vote on budget proposals as early as next week – so contact your Representative TODAY and ask him or her to vote for the People’s Budget.

    While working families face smaller paychecks, corporations and the wealthy are amassing record wealth. American families know the system is rigged in favor of the corporations. The People’s Budget makes the economy work for everyone. It creates high quality jobs and reduces family expenses, restoring the buying power of working Americans to drive a full economic recovery.

    The People’s Budget creates 8.4 million good paying jobs by 2018; invests $1.9 trillion in America’s future; and puts $820 billion towards infrastructure and transportation improvements. Ask your Representative to support the People’s Budget!

    The People’s Budget cuts waste from the base military budget, eliminates the Pentagon’s “Overseas Contingency Operations” slush fund, ends the US military presence in Afghanistan after this year, and cuts unnecessary spending on destabilizing nuclear weapons. It also provides a new framework to transition workers in military industries to good jobs in the civilian sector.

    The People’s Budget would bring in revenue and redress extreme inequality by closing corporate tax loopholes and by a progressive tax on upper income brackets. It tackles the climate crisis by imposing a carbon tax as well as by funding transportation improvements.

    The People’s Budget is a package that brings together the big issues – taxes, jobs, government services, and militarism – and asks our Members of Congress to take a stand for peace and justice and against austerity and war.

    Support of the Progressive Caucus budget in Congress has grown from 77 votes in 2011 to 89 last year. Let’s keep up the momentum by adding ever more support this year! In Massachusetts, Reps. Jim McGovern, Mike Capuano, and Katherine Clark voted for the Progressive budget last year, but Reps. Keating, Kennedy, Lynch, Neal, and Tsongas voted NO. Rep. Seth Moulton will be voting on the budget for the first time. Will your Representative vote for the Progressive Budget this year?

    Write Congress now to support the People’s Budget: A Raise For America!